“I absolutely love the You Glow Girl Antioxidant Drops! The texture is so nice and it really gives a nice glow to my skin. Also, most other vitamin C serums I’ve tried have an unpleasant smell and this one actually smells like oranges!”
Lily + Shaw Skincare Reviews
Olivia D.
Age 26
"I love Hello Bright Eyes and use it every day in my makeup routine. It has a good finish and keeps my under eyes bright for the rest of the day!
Lily + Shaw Reviews
Age 17
"I love using L+S products because I know they were made for girls my age."
Lily + Shaw Skincare Reviews
Olivia M.
Age 12
"With the combination of the cold, winter air and having to wear a mask all day, my skin was the driest it had ever been. Luckily, since adding Lily + Shaw's "Dew Diligence" drops to my skincare routine, my skin is glowing! I put just few drops on my face before bed, and I am not overexaggerating when I say that when I wake up the next morning my face is still so moisturized and literally "dewy". I am obsessed with this product and it is now a staple to my nighttime regimen. Thank you Lily + Shaw!"
Lily + Shaw Reviews - Nicole
Nicole L.
Age 26

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