Retinol & Green Tea Serum

“Best All-Around” award for ageless beauty!  Retinol (a form of Vitamin A occurring naturally in your skin) works deep in your cells to actually improve cell functions.  This gentle yet effective retinol penetrates your skin through a patent-pending micropolymer delivery system.  Sounds fancy, huh?  It actually is.  The time-released delivery minimizes irritation while improving acne, skin clarity and collagen production.  Hyaluronic acid supports skin hydration while green tea and caffeine reduce redness and soothe your skin.


Diminish the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and achieve smoother, firmer, more evenly toned skin. This clinically proven all-trans-retinol serum pairs a patent-pending delivery system with soothing green tea polyphenols to efficiently deliver retinol into the skin without irritation.

In a clinical study, retinol proved its efficacy after just 6 weeks:

  • 83% of patients showed improvement in skin tone evenness
  • 91% of patients had an improvement in fine lines
  • 100% of patients had improved facial clarity/radiance

Other Benefits:

  • Patent-pending Micropolymer Delivery System stabilizes and protects retinol, quickly retinizing skin and maintaining a time-released delivery to minimize irritation
  • All-trans-Retinol helps support cell turnover to reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and age spots, improve skin texture and tone, and promote a collagen-rich appearance
  • Hyaluronic Acid assists in skin hydration and barrier function
  • Caffeine USP enhances overall antioxidant activity and helps diminish signs of redness
  • Free of fragrance, gluten, parabens, and oil
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Non-Comedogenic
Weight 0.19375 lbs
Key Ingredients:

All-trans-Retinol, Green Tea Polyphenols, Caffeine USP, Hyaluronic Acid


  1. Anna marie

    I was worried about this product at first while I have sensitive skin. I started sparingly 1 every week, now 2 x a week and have noticed a difference in fine lines and smoothness in my face! Recommend!

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